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The maiden corporate issuers’ bootcamp training (the “Session”) themed “Access to Long Term Financing Through the Nigerian Debt Capital Markets” (“DCM”), organised by Investors, Issuers & Intermediaries Engagement/ Education (“IIIEE”) Sub-Committee of the Debt Capital Markets Development (“DCMD”) Project was held on Thursday, October 11, 2018 as part of the overall efforts to deepen the capital markets, by enhancing issuances of corporate securities. The Debt Capital Markets Development (“DCMD”) Project 2025 was set up as a market-driven initiative, spearheaded by FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange (“FMDQ”) in collaboration with key market stakeholders, with the aim of stimulating and positioning the Nigerian debt capital markets (“DCM”) to deliver on its developmental role in the economy, by taking deliberate steps to address the challenges faced by the various segments of the market.
The session focused on promoting increase in capital formation through the Nigerian DCM and to highlight the benefits of same. It also focused on the need for credit ratings as well as the documentation requirements for bond issuances and served to highlight the Nigerian DCM as the alternative source of funding for corporate issuers. It involved senior representatives from the Securities and Exchange Commission(“SEC”), capital market intermediaries, potential issuers from the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, mining companies, oil and gas companies, the Association of Corporate Treasurers of Nigeria, Nigerian Gas Association, , other potential issuers, as well as other market participants.

The participants showed interest in understanding the methodology of credit ratings, processes and documentation requirements by SEC for raising debts instruments, short term bonds (STBs) and private companies’ bonds.